A Writer’s Motivation


I look east, west, north and south;
From where can my help come?
What does my heart seek before the ink?
The thoughts of periods, after the commas that I must not neglect?
The thoughts of respect to the topic, that I may not deflect?
They bore me to death

If I could bargain time with you my ticking friend,
Would you save me your sounding chimes?
And tears ever flow off my waiting pen,
I can write off these waiting cries

Truly, from where can my help come?
How do I spend this golden glare?
Stare? And mourn a rising sun?
Oh verily,
How high the price to write up joy
I pick up my pen
From where does my agony come?
‘A Writer’s Motivation’


7 thoughts on “A Writer’s Motivation

  1. Dear Oaerys, There are so many emotions tied up, expressed and evoked by your words, I applaud you. Here’s to much more…It is said that a writer has the whole world in him, or her, and I believe it – but travelling to so many places takes more than one lifetime. But what a lifetime it can/could be!

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