Who’s There?


Help me, o kindness!
There is a man in my room
Save me, o goodness!
There is an eye in the moon

Hovering around the remains of the loom
And clustering across the ceiling of the room
Is not just a cloud out the blue;
It has a face like a haunted groom
It has a beautiful scent of doom

Its hands and feet are as thin as air,
Its body cloaked in fog
Or do my eyes only mean to cause despair?
Its face looks like a god–
Hell’s prodigal heir

Who’s there?
I can feel your energy surround me
It struggles to defeat me
Me; one child of a dead mother,
The pride of a poor father
Please seize me not, o haunter

But, must you take me off this entity,
At least let me know your identity
Shall we be gone for eternity?
Are you Death?

Who’s there?


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