Just A Feeling


I have a feeling that I’m sick of something
A feeling I’m sick of but it keeps on prompting
It’s undefinable but it seems disturbing
I have a feeling there’s a breach in something

Is it you? I feel like I know a clue
Is it me? Or is it something we never knew
I’ve traced back my steps to see if something blew
But it sends me lost and lurking out the blue

But wait, I feel like it’s been long it rained
I’m sure… ever since I bruised my brain,
Ever since the accident I had with the train;
The crash that threw me whole into the drain

Hey come, I think there’s something with your eyes
No? Your face used to, first, get wet then dries
Yes, tell me when; the last time I saw you cry
O dear, you have found someone else to make you smile


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