Like A Rainbow


To what end do we seek?
Of what purpose do we speak?
Happiness can be bought like a coat
All you need is a height and its peak
And I quote:

‘After rain, sometimes, comes not sunshine’
Ever survived a storm and looked up the sky?
Rainbows don’t fly
Still, up there they go, hanging
How then can you tell your height without standing?

No one is a hero who has not walked the arena
Only one whose faith is a feather
Would fall at news of a bad weather
Pain is a vicious phase;
Joy, its precious face

So, stand and keep courage in the nigh
And on the verge of fear, do smile
Rainbows don’t fly
At least not when seen through an eye
Still, colors always find their way up the sky


2 thoughts on “Like A Rainbow

    1. ‘Tough advice to follow but necessary.’
      Thank you, Alan. We’ll always only try. It is never easy, but when we make courage a habit it then becomes part of us.
      I appreciate your comment.

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