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Why Am I Nervous?

This poem plays a relative scenario of a what occurs between one and one’s self in a troubling time of nervousness, especially when one cannot tell “why”.


Fantasy Ruins

A dreamer must understand the consequence of dwelling in one’s dreams without active work to turn them into reality. This poem expresses the thoughts of a person who has understood the ruins of mere fantasies.

Sing Of Hope

If only asunder could come upon the strings of a broken [heart]; it that sung but with silence would wither, then eternal shall its sorrow retard.

Let Ours

True friends must work together to build one history, one story, and share all glory. This love letter is suitable for a best friend, lover, or anybody deserving of your promise.


This poem talks about the conflict of brothers, friends, and people who had started with great hopes to achieve with one another but conflict remains a deciding factor in their relationship.


If you were given a chance to edit your past or control your fate, would you? What certainty is there that our chances are better in our own hands?